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New Challenger has arrived!

So back in February I got the news that my friend Gary (Hulkdaddy G) Pope had passed.

Those of you that follow me regularly are probably aware of Gary's page and our friendship.

Gary and I met on Deviant Art years ago when he reached out as Vindicator fan.

I didn't realize how much of a fan until he traveled to New York Comic Con for the Vindicators debut.

Even then he was struggling with health issues, but pressed through them just to be there for the event.

We've been good friends ever since.

We talked superheroes and comics and ran story ideas by each other.

Gary was especially proud of his OC Gilead. So I decided to pay tribute to him by folding Gilead into the

Vindicator Comic Universe.

So the original idea was to give a reason Gilead might leave his own dimension permanently. And since Gilead seemed to exist to fight demons I figured I'd do a drawing of Gilead sacrificing himself to save the multiverse from a demon invasion.

And since I can never leave well enough alone that concept grew into what we have here.

I really struggled with the voice characterizations an wound up hiring a guy to help me only to mess it up in the sound mixing. So this is best heard using headphones.

You can find out more about Gilead here.

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