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Vindicators Music Video

I was listening to some dance battle music and I heard a tune that,

with the right tinkering, could make a serviceable vindicator theme song.

So I broke out by thesaurus and got to work. mind you have never written

a song before and have zero musical talent, but I was inspired!

After a few feverish hours I had created the first and only Vindicator theme song!

But how was I going to put music to it, who was going to perform it?

So I found a guy on Fiverr to do the honors and so we have...

Vindicators, get down!

It's a bit more rap than intended. In my head it sounded a bit more pop,

but that was the performer's take on it and must admit I like it.

The Video is a hodgepodge of clips form other projects.

None of it was really meant to go together and I know it shows,

but I think it works and it's just for fun anyway.

Lyrics by Rod Williams

Preformed by dannygr377

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