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God Module starring the Vindicators!

I know it's been a while, but instead of boring you all with my IRL stuff I want to update you with what I'm been up to with the Vindicators.

While I've always meant for the Vindicators to be a superhero story I also meant to include all the other things I love. Sci-fi, Sentai, Martial arts, and Horror were components I wanted to use to create a rich and exciting environment for my characters to populate. And I feel I haven’t conveyed all of that very well, which have contributed to delays and restarts.

So, the Vindicators will be going through a bit of re-branding.

The team and characters names will remain the same, but the title will from now on be called


In reality God Module is an area of the brain neuroscience believes may be responsible for ecstatic feelings described as an experience of the presence of God. The brain area involved has been described as the innate human faculty for experiencing the divine.

However I’m referencing an old (and very fictional) X-files episode where Mulder postulates that said area of the brain could be responsible for all paranormal phenomena. What if that area of the were responsible for all meta-human abilities instead?

If you that have character profiles know this isn't a new idea, but re-naming after the concept is.

Lines and concept by Rod Williams.

Shout out to John Becaro for assistance on colors.

Animation by Alejandro Hernandez Music licensed by Audiojungle

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