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New Vindicators Motion Comic

The Vindicators are charged with policing the meta-human population on Earth.

When Herod, the most powerful renegade meta-human known attacks a densely

populated city the Vindicators must act. Can the team subdue the raging titan

without destroying the city or will Herod's plans for world domination succeed?

Find out in the Vindicators Brand New Motion Comic!

A while back Joe M. Davis was doing these great Screengrab illustrations.

I've always admired Joe's style so I asked him to do The Vindicators up for me.

I liked them so much I decided to try to do more with them. So after collecting

a few more images and adding a few touches of my own I think what we have

is a pretty serviceable motion comic.

Would you guys like to see more like this?

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