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What's New

New Challenger has arrived!

June 2020

The Vindicators welcome a new character to the line-up, Gilead, The Mighty!

My good friend Gary Pope, comic book artist and creator, passed earlier this year, but he left us a gift. Gary created many cool characters, but the one he was most proud of was Gilead.                                  

You can find out more about him here.

See a tribute to Gary (HulkDaddyG) Pope here.

December 2019

There is an unexplored area of the human brain that neuroscience is only beginning to understand. An area that in some individuals show abnormal activity and that may be the key to extraordinary abilities. This area has come to be known as the "God module."

Vindicators Music Video

January 2019

The Vindicators have a Music video!

Check it out the Vindicators getting

down to their very own theme song!

Nov, 2018

The Vindicators have a Motion Comic! Complete with music and sound effects to enhance the experience.

Check it out!

So here we are, end of the road at last!

The last two pages of the M.O.C.C.² are up!


It's been a long road ride, but without further ado I bring you the conclusion of the M.O.C.C.².

Sept, 2017

The rest of the Vindicators crew have joined Vector Rising to form...

Vindicators Together!

August, 2016

Check out this awesome new Original Vindicators animation with art by Steven (Kandoken) Mack!

June, 2016

The M.O.C.C. is finally coming to an end. Don't miss the exciting conclusion!

March, 2016

Check out this Super Cool Street Fighter style Collaborative commissions by Royce (FooRay) Southerland and Jeff (CHAMBA) Cruz!!! (Official Street Fighter artist)

December, 2014

Thunder Axe and Force Majeure profiles have been Declassified!

October, 2014


Multiverse Original

Character Challenge

has begun!

Tell stories,win prizes,

save your universe!

New Character Gallery

October, 2014

Check out the new Character Gallery.  Histories and statistics our heroes and thier rivals.with new bios unlocked regularly, so check back often.

New Items at the shop!

March 15, 2013

The comics are now available in the shop! Get them while they last!

April 22, 2013

The news section has been added! Use this to follow the latest Vindicator news!

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10,000 years ago, an alien life-form visited our planet and created a race of super-humans. They roamed the earth like gods, until they grew too powerful in the eyes of their makers, and so they were struck down.

Now Earth faces the ultimate threat from beyond the stars, and our only chance for survival is the mysterious alien life-form and the descendants of the super-humans they created; Vector, Zephyr, Shatter, Preylord and Nox. 


The Vindicators!

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