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Physical Attributes:

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 198 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black



energy generation and manipulation


enhanced senses

enhanced strength



Power - A

Strength - E

Combat - B

Intellect - C


HISTORY: Guy Hunter and Rod Wilson were childhood friends who grew up in the same neighborhood together. Ever since childhood Guy dreamed of being a pilot. After college he enrolled in Air Force officer training school. After graduating top of his class he went on to fly F-15s for the USAF.


During a mission in the North Korean seas Hunter's plane malfunctioned and nearly crashed. He would have been killed if Wilson had not appeared and rescued him at the last moment displaying super human abilities. Hunter was then subjected to the Rend DNA augmentation process giving him great power. When Wilson told him that he had chosen him to be transformed in order to help him defend the Earth Hunter agreed to help.


Now using his pilot call sign Preylord as a code name Hunter trains by Vector's side in preparation to defend the earth with honor.


POWERS: The capped portion of Preylord's genetic code has been unlocked resulting in physiological changes in his body. The area of Preylord's brain responsible for the generation and control of psionic energy (dubbed the God Module by scientists) has been greatly enhanced giving him the psionic ability to create and control objects composed of Solid Light energy.


Preylord can create solid objects out of stable energy such as near-indestructible shields around himself or other targets, simple shapes such as barriers, columns, or simple weapons. These objects will stay intact for as long as Preylord wills it. He is also able to create objects out of unstable energy which can be thrown or launched and will explode on impact such as darts, daggers, and arrows.


Preylord can also use his powers to form wings made of solid light energy with which he can fly. His wings do not operate under the normal physics of winged flight and do not require lift or air pressure to function. He can propel himself through the air at up to 300 mph.


Preylord is superhumanly strong enabling him to lift up to 5 tons under normal conditions.

Preylord is a skilled combat pilot and has had training in hand to hand combat. He is also a skilled archer.

Weapons: Preylord uses a retractable archery bow of his own design. Only his powers can active it and the arrows are constructed, at will, out of solid light energy.

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