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Physical Attributes:

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 195 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown



fire and ice manipulation

molecular agitation/retardation

enhanced strength




Power - A

Strength - C

Combat - A

Intellect - C


HISTORY: Sidney Ravage and Rod Wilson met at the N.Y.C. Police Academy. While Wilson felt he was not suited for police work Ravage took to it easily discovering he had an aptitude for the job. He also displayed an ability to get into the mind of a criminal and that ability served him well. He quickly rose through the ranks and joined an elite special narcotics squad.


He did well making many arrests until a fellow officer accused him of stealing $100,000 in drugs and cash. Overwhelming evidence against him was found and he was arrested. On the night of his arrest Wilson appeared outside Ravage's cell and freed him.


After Ravage's DNA augmentation he reveled in the power he had been given stating that he was finally the person he was meant to be. Ravage took the code name Nox (short for Equinox), and prepares to redeem his honor by serving and protecting the world.


POWERS: The capped portion of Nox's genetic code has been unlocked resulting in physiological changes in his body. The area of Nox's brain responsible for the generation and control of psionic energy (dubbed the God Module by scientist) has been greatly enhanced giving him the psionic ability to cause the molecules of nearly any matter to either greatly accelerate or slow their oscillation. This ability causes items to either heat up or freeze molecularly. Nox is able generate intense heat or cold and direct it over vast areas up to 50 mile radius.


The upward limit of Nox's heat generating abilities are unknown. During attempts to test his powers temperatures of over 100,000° F were reached before equipment failure due to heat damage caused testing to cease. Although it is believed the temperature absolute zero, the point that all molecular activity ceases, cannot be reached, Nox can lower temperatures to within fractions of a degree of that point.


Nox uses gauntlets that he wears to control, focus, and project waves of intense heat or cold in a precise manner. Although he is completely immune to the effects of his abilities, without the gauntlets using the full extent of his powers would be hazardous to others in his area.


Nox is superhumanly strong allowing him to lift up to 10 tons under normal conditions.

Nox can fly by forming a flame jet from his feet, directed behind him, he can achieve speeds up to at least 100 miles per hour.


Sid Ravage has had martial art training in Eagle Claw kung-fu and hand to hand combat/weapons training at the NYPD police academy and is a clever and competent fighter.

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