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HISTORY: Sometime during earth’s Mesolithic period the Rend scientist K'cog traveled to earth and
attempted to create a Rend/Human hybrid. His goal was to create a species that generated massive
amounts of psionic energy that the Rend could then feed on to sustain and increase their already
staggering powers. In the Rend language 'he' is the prefix for primary or first, and 'rod' means trial,
and so the experiment was designated He'rod, the first trial.

Using DNA from human test subjects collected for study a Rend/Human zygote was created and
subjected to an accelerated aging process. Herod was shown no compassion or warmth and was
subjected to cruel and inhuman experimentation.Only minimal interaction to instruct and examine was given. While it appeared his test subject was exactly what K’cog desired he had been fooled. Herod was not only suppressing his true psionic power levels, he was hiding his rather considerable abilities. Without warning the test subject attacked K’cog with staggering strength and power and made his escape. Due to his ability to suppress his psionic power K'cog was unable to locate Herod immediately.


In that time Herod encountered normal humans that mistook him as a god. After learning their langue he gathered many followers and began to build a empire in an area that eventually became known as the Anatolian peninsula where he ruled through fear and brutality.  

Little is know about what followed, but it is believed Herod was confronted by K'cog's later test subjects. The battle that followed was so devastating that the surrounding area was forever buried under what is now the Black Sea. Herod disappeared into prehistory, but he became a legend and many kings, good and evil, have bore his name.

Thousands of years later Herod's body was found by Vector at the bottom of the Marianas trench. It had been transmogrified to stone with a glowing spear thrust through it. When Vector removed the spear Herod returned to life and immediately attacked him. Due the Herod's weakened condition Vector easily bested him and took him to the Domus to learn more about his identity.

Upon his recovery Herod refused to communicate and remained hostile. Vector had no choice
but to leave him a cell specially designed to suppress his powers. It is unknown whether he will be an ally against the Rend or an equally dangerous enemy.


n. (ˈhɛrəd)  a biblical king known for the
Massacre of the Innocents.

Physical Attributes:

Height: 7’ 0”                                                 

Weight: 500 lbs.                                            Eyes: Yellow                                                  Hair: Brown  


super strength    



laser vision

super speed       

super senses

Power -     S
Strength -  S
Combat -   B
Intellect  -  C


  • Powers:

  • Super Strength: Herod possesses vast superhuman strength, the limits of which aren't known, and he is listed at the S class.

  • Super Speed: Herod is able to move at supersonic speeds, meaning several times swifter than the speed of sound.

  • Flight: Herod is able to defy gravity which enables him to fly.

  • Super Durability: Herod's entire body is far more durable than that of a normal human's and is virtually impervious to all physical damage. He can also survive in the vacuum of space unaided and withstand exposure to extreme temperatures.

  • Super Senses: Herod’s eyesight and hearing were far in excess of a human being’s.

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