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Physical Attributes:

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown



atmospheric mastery

enhanced strength/durability




Power - A

Strength - C

Combat - C

Intellect - C


History: Arlene Vega is sister to Raphael Vega (Shatter). She met Rod Wilson when he and her brother became friends. When Rod and Raphael began their martial arts training she didn't join formally, but participated in the informal training sessions that took place outside of the dojo. Arlene and Rod began dating and fell in love. The two were eventually married.


One evening Arlene returned home from her work as a meteorological analyst to find her husband changed. Before she could ask how or why she was rendered unconscious. When she awoke she had been given super-human abilities. Wilson, now going by the name Vector, told her that he had chosen her to be transformed in order to help him defend the Earth and that her transformation required a psychic fusion with an ancient intelligence. Previous knowledge of these events would have made her mind vulnerable during the fusion. As it was the ancient intelligence attempted to replace Arlene's mind with her own. Arlene won the struggle for mental dominance but wonders if her "other" is gone for good.


Now going by the code name Zepher, Arlene Vega-Wilson prepares to fight to save her family and her world from extinction.


Powers: the capped portion of zepher's genetic code has been unlocked resulting in physiological changes in her body. The area of Zepher's brain responsible for the generation and control of psionic energy (dubbed the God Module by scientists) has been greatly enhanced giving her the psionic ability to create and control air and the components of air on a molecular level.


Zepher can generate devastating winds far greater than normally seen in nature. She has generated winds in excess of 500mph (a category 5 hurricane generates winds up to 155+mph). She is able to control the precise area and path of these winds thereby enabling her to use them indoors or in populated areas.


Zepher can narrow the focus of this ability to powerful effect. By forcing air at 50,000 to 100,000 pounds per square inch into a 0.05" stream Zepher can cut through solid stone, concrete or even plate steel. She refers to this ability as her "wind laser". She can also create and hurl balls of compressed air that "detonate" on impact. These blasts can have pressures of up to 70 tons per square inch on the atmosphere surrounding the point of detonation at velocities of up to 3,300 feet per second.


Zepher can create breathable conditions anywhere even under water by using air pressure to create a pocket of air. She can even create breathable air in a vacuum although this ability is very taxing and cannot be sustained for long. She can also remove air or any of the components of air from any given area. She can do this slowly i.e.; to render an opponent unconscious or all at once i.e.; to cause an implosion. She can completely remove or force air directly from a person's lungs and /or blood. This is an ability she rarely uses as it can be lethal.


Zepher is superhumanly strong; enabling her to lift up to 25 tons under normal conditions. Zepher has some control over the effect gravity has on her body and can fly at speeds up to 400mph using self generated winds to propel and maneuver. Zepher has some informal martial arts training and is a competent and spirited fighter.

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