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Physical Attributes:

Height: 6’ 0”        

Weight: 300 lbs.   

Eyes: Brown  

Hair: Brown 


super strength   

enhanced senses

energy projection
hyper reflexes   



Power -     S

Strength -  S

Combat -   A                       

Intellect  -  C

HISTORY: Due to alien experiments preformed on primitive man thousands of years ago humans now carry the genetic code to weld fantastic psionic power. Rod Wilson was a direct descendant of the only human to achieve unification, the greatest manifestation of psionic power in the known universe.When a renegade alien scientist reveals his races invasion of earth to Wilson he offers to awaken the power that lay hidden in his genetic code. Wilson accepts and undergoes DNA modifications changing him forever. Now going by the code name Vector he gathers others in the hope to raise a force that can defend the world.


ENHANCED POWERS: Vector has several superhuman abilities that are always accessible to him at a base ability level, meaning his power in a relaxed state. These powers are quite formidable and can be used all at the same time or in any combination. He can however, through concentration, enhance his abilities exponentially to unparalleled levels.


Enhanced Super Strength- Vector's enhanced strength can only be measured in theory as no technology exists on earth or any other known planet can practically measure its limits. Still it is theorized that his strength is limited only to the point that muscular contraction causes tendons to "snap" and detach thereby preventing further contraction. His enhanced strength has been measured at over 100 tons without threat of injury.


Enhanced Invulnerability- When Vector's invulnerability is enhanced no known physical force can harm him. He is however vulnerable to sufficiently powerful psionic or mental attacks.


Enhanced Flight/Speed- When these powers are enhanced a phenomenon beyond physical speed occurs. Vector actually appears to be moving fast enough to be in several places at once.  This appears to be a Quantum dimensional transversal phenomenon and little is known about its mechanics.


Enhanced Energy Projection- Vector’s energy projection ability can be greatly enhanced. The limit of this ability is unknown but it is theorized that it can be amplified to equal the power of a solar flare. This power cannot be used in earth’s atmosphere.


Enhanced Senses- When Vector further amplifies this ability it becomes like a sixth sense enabling him appear to “see” into the past. He can also see vast distances, through solid objects, and even into the molecular composition of an object.

NOTE: Vector can normally only enhance one power at a time as enhancement requires almost total concentration. Attempting more than one enhancement at a time can reduce the effectiveness of the affected powers. In addition enhancing multiple powers can cause Vector to be severely exhausted for a limited time.


Unification: It is theorized that a being with the ability to manipulate matter on a sub-atomic level could possibly harness the power generated by every sub-atomic particle within that individual’s sphere of influence. The larger the sphere of influence, the greater the power harnessed.  Vector is the descendant of the only known individual to do this on a universal level. If Vector can master this ability nothing will be beyond his ability.


Weapons: Vector’s weapon is a sword he calls the Assegai sword. The Assegai sword is made of “Quantum steel”, a metal that is at once flexible and virtually indestructible. During an attempt at unification Vector apparently inadvertently imbued the Assegai sword with part of his own “essence” or “spirit”. The sword now exhibits the ability to change size and shape and even propel itself long distances on command.

Wilson has had martial arts training in the Shotokan style of karate. He has also received hand to hand combat and weapons training in both the United States Marine Corps and the NYPD police academy. He is a resilient and intuitive fighter

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