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Physical Attributes:

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black



earth manipulation

enhanced strength


energy projection



Power - A

Strength - B

Combat - S

Intellect - C


History: Rafael Vega and Rod Wilson have had a friendly rivalry in everything from academics to athletics since high school. They encouraged each other to excel in all areas. The two became fast friends and Wilson even met and feel in love with Vegas sister Arlene Vega. They were eventually married with Rafael's blessing.

Vega and Wilson later joined the same dojo where they began their martial arts training under Sensei Richardson, master of Shotokan karate. Vega displayed unusual aptitude for the martial arts becoming Sensei Richardson's number one student. Vega then went on to travel competing and studying different forms and styles around the world. When he learnd news of his teacher's passing Vega returned to the states where he opened his own dojo to pass on his late sensei's teaching.

When Wilson started searching for other descendants with altered DNA to defend the earth Vega was his first choice.


POWERS: The capped portion of Shatter's genetic code has been unlocked resulting in physiological changes in his body. The area of Shatter's brain responsible for the generation and control of psionic energy (dubbed the God Module by scientist) has been greatly enhanced giving him the psionic ability to alter specific earthen elements and matter on a molecular level. In this manner Shatter can cause earthquakes, tremors, or land slides. Shatter can turn solid rock or metal ore to a molten state in seconds causing spontaneous lava eruptions, flows, or pits. Shatter can literally animate earthen elements to a variety of effects.

Such as creating rock shields or barriers, even giant "golems" that follow his every command. He can also move vast amounts of earth

(in excess of 10,000 cubic tons) over vast distances.

Shatter is capable of generating and projecting seismic energy and tremendously powerful waves of vibrations at or into any object. The vibrations emanate outwards from his hands causing objects to shatter or crumble. This ability has an effective range of about 200 ft.

Shatter is superhumanly strong; enabling him to lift up to 25 tons under normal conditions. He is able to double his strength temporarily by forming a symbiotic bond with the earth. In this symbiotic state he can sense any type of earthbound movement or seismic activity for at least a 100 mile radius.

Shatter has some limited control over the effect gravity has on his body and can fly at speeds up to 70mph. However he slowly loses strength when separated from the ground and prefers to ride on a boulder which he levitates and can propel through the air.

Shatter is an accomplished martial artist disciplined in many fighting styles. He is a master of Shotokan, a school of karate reflecting the style of the initial students of Gichin Funakoshi. The combination of fighting skills and the explosive power in his fists make Shatter a devastating fighter.

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